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Hasta el Fondo IV - Pesca Submarina Costera - The Film

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This freedive spearfishing documentary is produced in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean where each difficult prey is the result of great passion and perserverance.
The majority of the fish have been caught at less than 23m and divetimes below 2 minutes and without the use of a boat, showing that they were the result of good technique, correct strategy and experience.

Join the adventures of our 3 protagonists:
David, an expert freediver who has agreed to show us how, using the correct methods, you can also catch good fish in shallow water, upholding his profound respect for the sea. Vivien, a passionate travelling girl and UW camerawoman from Germany, who chooses to improve her techniques in the Medsea because of its great difficulty. And Sebastian, her brother who joins her on the spearfishing trips, who prefers to give fish an even greater chance by using the difficult ancestral polespear, in the Mediterranean Sea where every catch is a great victory.