Loic Leferme drowned during training...Wednesday 11 April 2007

The world of freediving lost one of its legends... Loic Leferm, the former "No Limits" world record holder, died while training.
The Frenchman prepared for shattering Herbert Nitsch's current world record of -183m. near Villefranche-sur-Mer, close to Nice. During an initially successful atempt at -171 m., the device raising the diver to the surface jammed on the rope for unknown reasons.
The body of the 36-years-old freediver was raised to the surface by the security diver, but the attemts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.
Loic set his first "No Limits" record in 1999 when he reached -137m. The ltalian Umberto Pelizzari managed to top this achievment to -150m. during the same year. The Frenchmant stroke back with -152m. the next year and remained unbeated until the end of 2005 with three more records: - 154m. (2001), -162m. (2002), -171m. (2004). In October 2005 the Austrian Herbert Nitsch managed to top Loic's achievement by 1m., and in August 2006 he "raised" the bar to -183m.

This is a major loss for the whole freediving community...

Calm seas, Loic!

Based on the information by: earthtimes.org