Euroafrican spearfishing championship - Rota, CadizWishbone

The Croatian Daniel Gospic is the new Euroafrican spearfishing champion! The Bulgarians are 7th out of 17 nations!

Daniel Gospic shattered the competition at the end of the 2nd competition day with 3 shi drums (8, 4 and 3 kilos) and one 7-kg pagro. The winner gathered a total of 125.57p. Second in the individual standings is Alberto March (122.12p.). Third with a total result of 113.556p. is the young Greek competitor I. Degaitas. Surprisingly the best achievement of the Italians is the 10th place of Sandro Mancia and for the French it's the 14th place by Lossy. This, combined with the presence of a Ukranian (Andrii Lagutin, 7th place), a Russian (Kuznetzov, 12th place) and a UK competitor (Deighton, 13th place) among the top 15 comes to show that the Championships are entering into a new phase. The rule that the top spots are alwais taken by the "old" spearfishing nations maybe not so thrue anymore.
The Bulgarians provided a decent performance! The top individual place among 46 other competitors achieved Plamen Arabadjiev - 17th place (42.299p.). Behind Plamen are well known names like the Italians Daniele Petrini and Roberto Praiola. Valentin Lyutzkanov (34.202p.) and Alexander Peruhov (31.226p.) are 23-rd и 24-th respectively.

The top three places in the team standings were taken by Spain, Croatia and Portugal. Bulgaria is 7th.

In addition it should be mentioned that the 2nd competition day took place in very tough MET conditions. The time was reduced to 5 hours and the vis was at the edge of the possible minimum for spearfishing.

Congratualtions to all competitors!