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    The ONE speargun is available in four models: 80, 90, 95 and 105. For each length, different barrel shapes and accessories have been designed, making each length of this speargun a different model in itself.

    The main feature of this speargun lies in the structure of the speargun and the way in which it has been engineered. The barrel and handle of the speargun are made in aluminium by hydro-forming and laser cutting. The head is also made in aluminium, through solid-block machining.

    The three main components of the speargun: handle, barrel, and head, are therefore all built in aluminium and make up the single body, thanks to mechanical assembly and structural chemical bonding of the parts, in such a way that this can be defined a real aluminium monocoque speargun.

    The three parts of the speargun, therefore, are not simply assembled, as in traditional spearguns, but rather they make up a single piece that is structurally solid, therefore allowing for extremely precise shooting. Each barrel of the ONE speargun is also equipped with an integrated shaft guide and has a cylindrical shape towards the head and a cuttlebone-shaped “belly” towards the handle.

    These special shapes give the speargun stability while also creating buoyancy and hydrodynamics. The handle is assembled on the same axis as the barrel, guaranteeing a lack of frontal recoil while also softening the kick-back. The special aluminium head allows for a clean shooting line during well-aimed shots as well as quick-shots.

    The 80 and 90 models have a head that holds a circular sling. The head of the 95 and 100 models hold a circular double sling. A small opening, on the inside of the head, allows for regulation, by using the special weights, of the front levelling of the speargun.

    The head, barrel, and handle of the speargun have a special green camouflage finish created by heat-transfer, which is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion. A truly original system of unhooking behind the trigger gives it a line that is 4 cm greater than the traditional systems. The trigger is particularly soft and sensitive, and its hardness does not increase at the increase of the load.

    The ONE 50 reel, with Dyneema line, is supplied in series on the 80 and 90 models. The ONE 80 reel, with Dyneema line, is supplied in series on the 95 and 105 models. Both reels, moreover, have a green camouflage finish.

    The 80 and 90 models are supplied in series with the 6.5 mm “ring barb” spear in stainless steel AISI630 (17-4ph). The 95 and 105 models are supplied in series with the 6.75 mm “ring barb” spear-shaft in stainless steel, AISI630(17- 4ph).