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SPORASUB Revolution

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  • SPORASUB Revolution


    The Revolution fin shoe pocket is conceived and designed like a real shoe, and is surely the most comfortable shoe pocket available on the market today.

    It is available in seven sizes: from 40 to 46.

    The vamp of the shoe pocket is premoulded and built in nylon with a polyurethane covering.

    Both materials are water-proof and highly resistant in water.

    The padding and internal sole are also water-repellent, so they do not absorb water or allow for water stagnation.

    The three Velcro straps give the shoe a perfect grip, while also changing the thickness of the shoes.

    The sole is made in Grivory thermoplastic by EMS with non-slip heels made inpolyurethane.

    The stiffness of these materials allows the diver to unload leg movement on the fins without wasting energy, giving you the highest level of performance.

    The sole also has drain channels on the inside, which allow for emptying of water after fishing, in order to avoid water stagnation or build-up of mold in the shoe.

    The vamp is connected to the sole through structural bonding. Moreover, in the front part of the shoe, where there is the most stress while swimming, the top part is connected to the sole by two rust-proof rivets.

    Removable and replaceable fin with high modulus polypropylene.

    The 26º angle of the fin, with respect to the axis of the sole, creates a push that is equal during down-kick and up-kick, limiting the area of standstill where there is no thrust.

    Five stabilizers have been inserted in the fin.

    The four lateral stabilizers, two on the upper part and two on the bottom, impede fin leeway during swimming.

    The central-upper stabilizer, moreover, while standing still during fishing, keeps the fin slightly off the sea floor and thus limits any lifting of sediments.

    The fin is connected to the shoe pocket through the use of three stainless steel M5 metric screws.

    It is available in two versions: in standard black or with the green camouflage finish.

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    Son nokta budur arkadaşlar.........

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      Cevap: SPORASUB Revolution

      Bunun ayak cepleri günlük giyilir abi halı sahada falan

      Eren ATE? ---- Çanakkale / Merkez

      ** Z?pk?ncI Yöne-TeaM **

      >> Sa??m Marmara, solum Ege... ?nsan daha ne isteyebilir ki? <<

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        Cevap: SPORASUB Revolution

        Asl? Eren ATEş taraf?ndan gönderilmi? Mesaj? göster
        Bunun ayak cepleri günlük giyilir abi halı sahada falan
        Gece takılmaya giderken falan
        Yalnız palasının pek özel bi şey olduğunu söyleyemem.. Ayaklık gerçekten hoş yalnız..

        Ra?it Ü. // ?zmir

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          Cevap: SPORASUB Revolution

          fuarda denedım bıle cok gzl olmus fakat deıştırılebılır olması cok kral ama o ayakkabı eskıdımı nerden alcaz ynısını pahalıya cıkar ayaklık ama plet gzl bıraz ağır sadece

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