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    Choosing the best spearfishing vacation destination basically comes down to personal preference. There are so many areas all over the world that offer exciting spearfishing adventures. You just have to decide where you want to go and how much money and time you have to spend.

    If you want to spearfish in the United States, then you might very well begin in the Florida Keys. Big fish abound in and around the natural coral reefs. Some of these fish include hogfish, grouper, snapper, cobia, and amberjack. Experienced spearfishermen recommend three different ways to hunt these fish. They use Hawaiian slings, pole spears, or spear guns.

    Coastal Georgia also provides plenty of opportunity for spearfishing. There are charters available out of Savannah, and they can definitely take you to where the fish are. Moving on around the Gulf of Mexico, you might want to check out Louisiana. Spearfishing has become an increasingly popular sport in this state, and Metairie, Louisiana, which is on the outskirts of New Orleans, has a Louisiana based spearfishing club, the Hell Divers, which has been around for over 40 years.

    The southern states don’t have a monopoly on spearfishing, however. There are plenty of spearfishermen enjoying the waters off the coast of New England. The coastal waters of Maine are becoming increasingly well-known as great spearfishing destinations. There are several spots that are accessible from shore, especially around Brunswick. Nubble Light in York is one of these areas, and stripers and flounder can sometimes be hunted here. In New Hampshire, Rye is another area that stripers have been found.

    New York is home to many bridges and wrecks that offer great areas to spearfish. Area fishing clubs are catching bass, blackfish, and fluke off the coast. One popular area is Far Rockaway, New York. Barnegat Inlet, which is off the coast of New Jersey, boasts several species of fish including striped bass, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, flounder, and sea bass.

    You don’t have to limit your options to the south or east coast. The California coastline has many excellent spots to try your hand at spearfishing. The kelp beds around Monterey are popular spots to fish, but keep in mind, there will be plenty of competition, and depending on the time of year, some areas will be overrun with fishermen.

    For a more exotic destination, head to Hawaii. Many spearfishing vacationers like to hunt for white ulua, a type of jack, off the coast of Maui. These fish are incredibly strong fighters. The north and east shores of Maui offer the best places to freedive.

    For a fabulous spearfishing adventure off the coast of Australia, you must head to the Coral Sea. It is known as one of the world’s premier spearfishing hot spots. You can fish for yellowfin tuna, sailfish, trevally, wahoo, dog trout, and sea perch, just to name a few. The waters are breathtaking! Many people plan spearfishing expeditions to this beautiful area.

    The waters that surround New Zealand are also great places to spearfish. Rarotonga in the South Pacific is recommended by many experienced hunters. Tuna, marlin, and wahoo are just some of the fish that are caught in these waters. Another great area for spearfishing is in the waters that surround Kapiti Island. You will need to obtain a permit to fish this area as it is a nature reserve.

    There are many areas all over the world where spearfishing can be experienced. You can fish along the east and west coasts and the Gulf of Mexico of the United States. You can visit exotic locations such as Hawaii, or you can travel to other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

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