The Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book by Carlos Eyles

Newly reprinted edition for 2005! All new cover artwork.
183 pages
Watersport Books

This is the culmination of man's long trek back to the sea and his encounter with the stunning creatures that roam beneath the surface of the oceans. It is about a handful of men who broke down the final barricades of ocean myths and made their way into the last wilderness, armed with only their courage and driven by an insatiable curiosity.

It is also about the sea, as viewed not by the scientist of the naturalist, but by the hunter, who sees it with a sharp, all-encompassing eye, exposing the reader to an ocean world that is never seen by the majority of divers.

This is the extraordinary true account of the greatest divers in the world. Carlos takes us from his early beginnings on the Island of Hawaii to his own apprenticeship with the Blue water tribe in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico during the 1960s. There he learns to stalk the powerful game fish that inhabit the deep waters. Then. after 20 years of blue water hunting, he returns to the island of Catalina where he fulfills his dream of living off the sea using only a speargun to sustain himself.

The climax of this book is an incredible expedition to the far reaches of the ocean world; the deep Pacific, the last frontier of the blue water hunter, where he stalks the giant blue fin tuna.