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Reef Spear Fishing

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  • Reef Spear Fishing

    Reef Spear Fishing

    Reef spear fishing represents a great way to partake of the natural beauty of the coral reef while participating in your favorite underwater sport. Reef fishing is available in several destinations around the world so you can enjoy both foreign fishing as well as domestic reef spear fishing. The nice thing about spear fishing is it can be done easily anywhere in the world.

    There are certain areas in the world that are home to sharks, and killing fish in the water is probably going to attract them rather quickly if it is not done properly. Your guide can give you instructions on how to kill the fish and bring it to the boat quickly and efficiently. It is a good idea to find bait which will not attract the local sharks to the area. Some guides choose to use squid and flashers rather than chum to attract fish to your immediate vicinity. Chum is made of cut up sardines and other small fish and the smell will attract a wide variety of marine life.

    You may wish to brush up on your shark knowledge before you go spear fishing in the various reefs. Some sharks are less aggressive than others and even aggressive sharks can be dealt with when they are not in attack mode. Knowing which type of shark you are dealing with will help you immensely if you encounter one and according to experts anyone who fishes the reefs often will.

    The best way to learn how to catch the fish among the reefs is to have a professional teach you then practice until you know how to effectively spear fish the reefs alone. You will still want to have a friend present in case of an accident or equipment failure but knowing the right way to catch a fish will come naturally the more time you spend in the water.

    Your equipment is also an important part of spear fishing in the reefs. You will want to double check your equipment each time you go diving to ensure that everything is working properly. You should also always carry some protective equipment in case of a shark encounter. Most diving instructors will tell you that you always need to carry a sharp knife when you are spear fishing. You never know when a knife will come in handy and the knife will also be used any time you spear a fish.

    Some reefs around the world are protected by law so you should always make sure that the reef you are spear fishing in is legal. Some species of fish are protected so you will want to be aware of all the laws and regulations in the area you are in.

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