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    The Diver’s Diet
    The underwater activities put the human body in an unfriendly environment. In order to cope with it, the diver should have stable preparation. It is a well-known fact that after a hearty meal, human reflexes are slower than usual. This is due to the increased blood flow to the digestive organs and to the changes in the neuro-muscular activity. That is why the diver’s eating habits in the prediving period are very important. There is no particular diet but the diver should avoid food that is difficult to be digested. Those who prepare their menu according to calorific tables should know that the loss of energy while working under water becomes 4,000 to 5,000 kilocalories.

    It is recommended that on the day before the dive fried food be avoided. On the day of the dive, food should be taken at least two hours prior to entering the water. The menu should include only boiled meat, garnish and no fats. Fruits should be peeled and melons must not be consumed. Beer or other alcoholic drinks are totally forbidden. If the diver is in a competition period, he should take additional vitamins. It is also recommended to have a cup of coffee or tea with a biscuit, or a bar of chocolate right after the dive.

    Diver’s Hygiene
    In order to prevent certain illnesses, divers should be very careful while cleaning their equipment. After the dive, the swimming suit, the fins, the mask and the neoprene suit should be very carefully washed with soap and dried before putting them into the sports bag. Special attention should be paid to the disinfection of the mouthpiece and the snorkel.

    Diver’s Daily Routine
    It is well-known that the human organism gets used to a particular rhythm of activity. Observing a strict daily routine creates a conditional reflex and the organism prepares itself for further activity. That is why the hours for waking up, eating, diving, resting and sleeping should be strictly observed.

    The breaking of the diver’s daily habits can result in serious damage to his or her physical and psychological well-being and lead to dangerous consequences while under water. If a diver feels sick, after sleepleessness, overeating, drinking alcohol, etc. diving should be avoided.