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I'm just starting out

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  • I'm just starting out

    Hi everyone,

    I want to start spearfishing soon and would like to get some tips and pointers before I start. I will mainly spearfish around Istanbul (Asian side) and Bodrum from the shore but sometimes with boat. My father in law have an old 75cm speargun and I will start with it but I have read on forums that it seems a bit short, everyone writes that around 95-110 with a 6.75mm+ rod should be better in the clear waters. Have you got any suggestions or what are you using?

    Thanks for the answers

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    Cevap: I'm just starting out

    Hi ,
    wellcome to the board i thing 75 cm gun is ok (at the beginning)for Marmara but in Bodrum you needs 100+depend the visibility of the water.
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      Cevap: I'm just starting out

      marotech 110 cm wood speargun or cressi gerenimo elite 95 cm. these guns are the best...
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        Cevap: I'm just starting out

        Hi Daniel, welcome,

        First of all, please kindly fill your signature details that we can know more about you.

        About spearfishing if you are at very beginning then just continue to use your 75cm spear gun but be careful with the trigger system as I assume it is old one from your father

        How deep will you dive? Will you dive around 0-10 meters or will you go extreme 15+? All these can effect the equipment you will need.

        Except from speargun did you have other equipment like gloves, socks, suit, weight, knife etc.?
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          Re: I'm just starting out

          Hi and thank you for the warm welcome and the reply's.

          I think my first mission will be to get a "Misafir Amatör Balıkçı Belgesi" I have seen they have a few options but from what I understand I need to buy this one because I'm not a Turkish national. So I need to pay 220tl for it.

          Thank you I will check out these guns.

          its a older model I'm guessing 6-10 years old. I will probably stay around 0-10 meter for quite some time. I have found some websites abroad that have quite good items and some of them send here and the rest i pick up when i go abroad.
          So far I have bought Salvimar 5,5 mm open cell wetsuit, 5mm gloves and 4 mm sock, a rubber belt and snorkel. But for the fins and mask I need to find somewhere in Istanbul or Bodrum where I can try a few on to get the best fit. Do you know good shops? For the knife I have read good things about the Omer mini laser and it comes with a strap.

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