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    Preparing a New Diving Mask

    These days most masks’ skirt and strap are made from silicone. Silicone residue from the mask’s skirt and strap can rub off on the inside of the mask’s glass surface. This film needs to be removed before diving. If the silicone film is not removed the mask will fog no matter what defog solution is added to the inside of the mask.

    A mild abrasive such as toothpaste can be used on the inside of the glass. Try placing a pea size droplet of toothpaste on the right and left side of the lens inside the mask. Rub thoroughly for about 1 minute on each side of the lens, then rinse thoroughly. Try using a dish soap and water solution to help remove the silicone residue from mask skirt and strap. Work soapy water into the mask skirt and strap by hand and rinse thoroughly.

    Before the Dive

    With the introduction of extremely low volume and high visibility masks combined with molded silicone today’s masks fit extremely close to the face. Before entering the water use a heavier than usual defogging solution to apply to the inside of the mask. Rub solution with fingers into the lens on the inside only. Turn mask face down, cup the free hand with water and gently pour into mask. Gently swish defogging solution with water. Pour out excess leaving a layer of solution. Put mask onto face and enter the water as soon as possible. If defogging solution is allowed to dry repeat procedure and enter water immediately.

    Try to avoid exhaling through the nose excessively. If the mask is flushed throughout the dive due to a poor fitted, damaged mask, or from constant removal and adjusting, defogging solution will be washed out.