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month MAY - fishing prohibited?

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  • month MAY - fishing prohibited?

    I am wonder is the spearfishing prohibited in the month MAY?
    In Greece is prohibited, probably in Turkey also thought.
    If it is prohibited, can you please tell me when the prohibition finished?

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    Hi Mr.Ivanov; there's no seasonal or monthly prohibitions for spearfishing.
    "Totally Addicted To Bass"
    Av.Mustafa PAKER (1980) - Göztepe/?ZM?R

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      Commercial fishing is prohibited between May, 1st (only this year April, 15th) and Semprember, 1st. But there is no time restriction for amateur fishing, including spearfishing. You only must obey the rules about fish number, weight and forbidden species.
      Mert Topoyan

      ?zmir - 1978

      Navigare necesse est...

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        Thank you for this great news !!!
        I wishing to all members here very very big dentex and akia this season

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