Spearfishing for Skin and Scuba Divers by Steven M. Barsky

This book contains the basic information you must have to help you pick the right gear for your needs and know where to hunt. Also included is information on secret spearfishing techniques, fish species, accessories, and conservation.

Chapters include:

Spearfishing in Perspective
Types of Spearfishing Gear
Freediving Gear
Where to Find Fish
Types of Fish
Developing Your Spearfishing Techniques
Maximizing Your Freediving Abilities
Spearfishing Competition
The Future of Spearfishing
If you want to go spearfishing and be a successful underwater hunter, this book is the place to start.

The main strength of the book are the chapters about the fish species, spearfishing techniques and about maximizing the freediving abilities. There are whole chapters about types of fish and about where to find them - these give quite a lot of information about main game fish, their range of presence and habits. Particularly, two chapters about developing the spearfishing technique and about maximizing the freediving abilities are very good. It says a lot about the main threats to the sport, how to avoid them, explains the basics of the freediving physiology and points out several tips useful in making the spearfishing activities safe and pleasant. Tips for staying fit for freediving are also covered.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Steve Barsky has been diving since 1965 and has been a diving instructor since 1970. He holds a master's degree from the University of California and an A.S. in Marine Diving Technology. Steve worked as a commercial oilfield diver for 6 years, making saturation dives to 580 feet. He has worked for and consulted to U.S. Divers Co., Inc.: DAN; SSI; Drager; and Zeagle Systems. A professional underwater photographer and wrier, Steve has written eleven diving texts and authored numerous articles.