The Ethics of Spearfishing

Spearfishing is not a video game during which you can shoot around restlessly and kill aimlessly. You have responsibilities. You kill the members of a different species, so you should have reasons for this. And fun alone is not a good reason.

Human beings have been hunters since the very beginning. Man has always killed in order to survive, either because the prey was a threat for his being or he needed it for food. Today of course we have many other reasons other than mere survival, but the unfortunate fact is that we have become the biggest threat for the survival of the environment around us. It’s high time for us to act responsibly in our deeds in and against environment.

As it is in every activity involving environmental interaction, spearfishing needs care and attention both for the performer and for the habitat chosen for the performance. With these in mind first you must question your decision to start spearfishing. Why am I willing to take up spearfishing?
-as a sport?
-as a hobby (free time activity)?
-as a means to earn a living?
-just to feel better and stronger (health))

If you can not find a sound and sensible reason, please stay away from this potentially dangerous sport. If you do have a good reason, whatever it is, please pay attention to the following:

-always be selective in your hunt
-never kill unnecessarily
-be informed about the fish types and try not to kill the female during breeding period
-never waste the fish you speared
-never shoot at living things unfit for human consumption unless they are a threat for your existance
-always try to shoot at the kill zone
-never hunt prohibited species
-be informed about the local rules and regulations