How To Clear Your Snorkel Mask by Melissa Rodriguez

Sometimes while scuba diving, water finds its way into your mask. If your mask fills with water, you can't see a thing. Not only that, it is a required skill for certification.

Here's How:
1-Completeley submerse yourself in the water.
2-Pull your wask away from your face.
3-Allow the water to flood your mask.
4-Don't panic.
5-Continue breathing through your snorkel or regulator.
6-Gently tilt your head backwards.
7-Press the top of the mask against your forhead with one hand.
8-Take a deep breath through the snorkel or regulator.
9-Gently exhale the air through your nose. (The air will force the water out).
10-When the mask is completely clear of water, replace your mask so that it has a snug fit.
11-Continue to breath normally through your snorkel or regulator.

*If you fail to be successful the first time, try it again.
*If you continue to have trouble clearing your mask, check for intereferences (twisted straps, hair, or a cracked seal).
*Perfect your skills in a swimming pool first.